vendredi 30 mars 2012

Maxime's Clinical Case - Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Left: before the treatment with Shaolin Medical Qigong (Grandmaster Wong's method)
Right: 60 days (8 weeks) AFTER treatment


Short presentation of the disease

Pyoderma Gangrenosum is an auto-immune disease affecting primarly the dermis (skin), creating a necrosis of the tissues. This disease is very rare, affecting 1 person every 100.000 in population.

Pyoderma Gangrenosum manifests with deep ulcers et severe pain especially in the affected areas. Liking areas are the lower limbs. During its progress, the disorder can spread (surface) as well as dig deeply into the tissues, eventually reaching the blood level (septicemia). In serious cases, the wounds can lead to amputation or even death.

Conventional treatments rely mainly on the use of systematic corticosteroïds and cyclospirine; if the disease becomes notty and persistent, anti-necrosis tumor agents. like infliximab (Remicade) can be prescribed. All these drugs are more or less dangerous for the immune system, resolving the symptoms but leading eventually to kidney failure or hepatic disorders (for example).

In Chinese medicine this pathology is refered to as 'Chronic Venous Ulcers of the Leg', or under the name qun bian chuang. Several syndroms can be underlying, usually Toxic Fire & Damp-Wind Attacks, or Kidney & Liver Deficiency.

Short presentation of the patient

My patient is a 32 years old woman with previous medical history including ulceratis colitis; a rather complex case, before this disease she suffered from an attack of ulceratis colitis (blood in the stools mixed with mucus, etc.) immediatly followed by a severe pneumonia.

The patient was dissatisfied with her dermatologist, who just prescribed her 12 days of antibiotics without checking any presence of an infection, and aware of the serious side effects  that might occur with the standard drugs. She decided on her own to turn to Chinese medicine and Medical Qi Gong. Nevertheless, I advised her to make the relevant tests to check the presence of an infection (bactery) or fungus - both tests were negatives.

Below: medical report from the dermatologist
"no improvement"
"Pyoderma Gangrenosum"

Clinical manifestations

Local manifestations were severe pain in the left caf; deep ulcers that didn't healed and discharged an important quantity of pus and mucus, sometimes mixed with fragments of dark blood; painful erythemas on the whole area; stabbing pains aggravated at nighttime; papules and pustules swollen and painful when touched. Western medicine prognosis was bad, regarding the constant spread of the necrosis.

Differential diagnosis

Fire Toxins & Wind-Damp

Therapeutical principle

- Expel Toxins, Clear Fire, Extinguish Wind
- Open meridians and powerfully move the Qi in order to solve the statis, clear heat and expel toxicity
- Quiet the Spirit (to prevent the production of internal heat)
- Appropriate diet to to avoid further production of Phlegm (cheese and all milk products, raw food, cold foods & drinks, etc.)

Treatment protocol

According to her own whishes, the patient refused any conventional treatments, with the sole exception of an antiseptic spray used when changing dressings. She didn't took any of the standard drugs (corticostéroïds, etc.) which are considered sine qua none by Western medicine for this difficult pathology.

The treatment consisted of Medical Qi Gong (Grandmaster Wong's sytem, as taught in the Anicca Institute); relevant exercises were practiced 3 times a day, with a particular emphasis on Qi Flow (7-8 minutes flow minimum each cession).

Following the important principle 'all healing starts from the Heart' the patient received some gentle positive visualization and customized advices. Some relevant energetic points were opened in order to help the energy flow and expel the toxins.

After 9 days of treatment an additional prescription of Chinese medicinals has been added to the protocol for two weeks in order to assist and speed up the Medical Qi Gong treatments: mainly herbs to Clear Fire, Cool the Blood and Expell Toxins, like Mu Dan Pi (Moutan Cortex Radicis) and Jin Yin Hua (Flos Lonicerae), etc. 

The patient was adviced to walk everyday, to maintain all normal daily activities and to keep up a cheerful attitude. All milk, raw and cold (Phlegm generating) products had been previously eliminated from the patient's diet, as it was a noticeable feature during anamnesis.

Clinical results

After 9 days of treatment, the neverending spread of the necrosis stops completely; the patient can also sleep at night without being awaken by the pain.

After 15 days (two weeks) of treatment, 50% of erythemas are resorbed and visual diagnosis shows that the dermis begins to return to normal, which was 'impossible' according to the dermatologists. At the same time, 50% of the ulcers' discharges have disappeared.

After 28 days (four weeks) of treatment, 95% of erythemas and ulcers have disappeared. A few discharges of pathogenic fluids are still present, roughly estimated at only 10%. Visual examination shows that 95% of Pyoderma Gangrenosum has disappeared of the skin.

After 35 days (5 weeeks) of treatment, the skin is completely healed. The patient can take her first bath in two months, sleep and walk without pain. A small area is still red in color (but no swollen, painful, ulcered spots), but with a tendancy to vanish. The skin logically presents some after-effects, small dark crusts, residues of the past ulcers.

 The following months are focussed on 'consolidating' the treatment, nourrishing the skin and making the Wei Qi (Qi flowing on the surface of the body and dermis) move.

Three pictures taken a few days before the beginning of the treatment:

15 days (two weeks) after the beginning of the treatment:
(note the last pus discharges on the upper right)


                                          35 days (five weeks) after the beginning of the treatment:


60 days (eight weeks) after the beginning of the treatment: